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Thursday, 2 August 2012

An Inspiration - Olympic Atheletes

 Normally I reserve this space for inspirational writers, but the overwhelming effort, commitment and hard work delivered by Olympic athletes deserves to be recognized.

The Olympic Stadium 
The early morning sun shines down on the newly built Olympic Park in the heart of Stratford. The world holds it's breath as the first day of London's third Olympic is about to commence. All over the country excitement builds, drum rolls start. The crowd take their seats, and suddenly the final buzzer yells out its ear piercing sounds and suddenly the water is filled with excitement. It's begun...

With Some Angolan Athelets
With some Russian Athletes
The Olympic Swimming Pool  
The Aquatics Centre is bursting to the brim with athletes from all over the world trying to make their mark on history. Seeing the likes of Michael Phelps pouring their hearts out over one of the most important races in their life opened my eyes to the true spirit of the Olympics. That it's the effort you put in that makes you succeed in sport and earn respect. The Olympics can teach us what attitude we should have in life, how we should cope with disappointment and success. I was lucky enough to meet some Russian and Angolan athletes  It was amazing to see their support to their fellow athletes and fans. It is easy to imagine the amount of determination and hard work they hold in their events. I would love to be as talented as an Olympian and as inspired to achieve my best. My trip to the Olympics has taught me a lot and has even inspired me to take up sailing. I can only hope one day I may be able sail half as well as any Olympian.

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