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Friday, 21 September 2012

Back to School

September. The month of the year where the holidays are over and you're forced to settle in a new routine. It's the month of early mornings, homework and never ending Mondays. But don't despair, we've come up with five top tips to help you back to school. 

Tip 1 - Make a Timetable
Timetable aren't only for classes. Draw up a schedule of all clubs, groups, activities and commitments you have. This will give you an idea of your free time and help you balance work and play. It may be an idea to buy a planner so you can timetable day to day.

Tip 2 - Cover your Books

Your books get a hard time. You lug them around in your bag and dump them at home or in your locker. They get damaged, torn and spoilt in a matter of months. By covering your books the can last for the whole year. Use whatever materials at hand and get to work. Wrapping paper, fabric, paper bags and playing cards are only a few examples. After affixing your cover, add a coat of glue on top to secure your design. Make your own labels to avoid confusion and you could even add ribbon to the spine for an extra detail. To hold timetables and notes, glue round three sides of paper, attach to your book and slot in your files.

Tip 3 - Personalise 
Nothing's worse then losing equipment and have to hand out for replacements. Use permanent markers and home-made or shop bought labels to stamp your name or initials on your gear. Addionally, when lend out stationery, make sure you give a clear return time so you can guarantee you'll get it back.

Tip 4 - Lockers
At school you're guaranteed to acquire textbooks, exercise books, pens, highlighters and other equipment. And do you really want to be lugging it  around all day? The solution - A locker. A safe place to keep your things until you need them. With loads of locker decorations on the market (whiteboards, shelves, pen holders) there's plenty of room to customize.

Tip 5 - The Bag 

Even with a locker, you're still going have to carry things around. You need to ensure you have a practical bag. If you can, go for a rucksack instead of a tote. There are lots of cool designs and even the drabbest bag  can be personalised. Use button badges, patches and anything else to hand to give your bag your own touch.!

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