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Be Featured...

We're always looking for guest writers to contribute to our blog. We feel a variety of opinions, writing styles and outlooks on topics are always valuable and provide a new edge to the blog. If you would like an interview, blog post or writing tip published, please comment! Any volunteer would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if either of you might contribute to my blog ? It could be about anything related to teenagers and Europe: books/movies/music or just an interesting article you write :)

    Love your blog and look forward to hearing from you!

    XX The Europhiles

  2. Hi Phoebe! We would be honoured to contribute to The Europhilies. We'll get back to you in the next week or so with our guest post! Thank you for reading Teen Tops and we look foward to working with you.

    1. thank you very much! XX